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Moving House with Kids – Some Tips & Tricks To Help

Moving house with kids does present a few obstacles, but it’s not impossible. With a few tips and tricks, you’ll be able to keep the kids busy come moving day, enabling you to focus on the job at hand.

Minimise Change

Kids don’t deal with change as well as adults do. They love their routines and it can be quite confronting for them to have all their day-to-day activities turned upside-down, all at once. Moving to a new home will be a big enough change so try to keep the rest of their routine as normal as possible.

Give Yourself More Time

Don’t base your preparation time on how long it took for you to move before you had children. Kids have a lot of ‘stuff’, from toys to clothing to books and even furniture. And they obviously can’t help you pack and move all these items. As such, we recommend that you double the time you expect it will take you to move for each child that you have.

Use a Moving House Checklist

Moving house can be frantic and chaotic. Add kids into the mix, and the stress levels can skyrocket. Following a step-by-step moving house checklist can help to eliminate some of this stress. You don’t need to remember where you’re up to, or what jobs still need to be done. Simply follow along, ticking jobs off the list as you complete them.

Get Rid Of Old Toys In Secret

When you start to pack the house you’re going to need to get rid of the things that the kids don’t use anymore. It’s best to do this in secret (perhaps once they’ve gone to bed, or while they’re at school). It’s amazing how attached your kids will become to toys they haven’t picked up in years the minute you so much as suggesting donating it to a local charity.

Introduce Your New Home

If you can, introduce your kids to their new home before moving day. This is particularly important if you’re moving interstate and your children have never visited their new neighbourhood before. Take them to see their new home, and their new school. Let them have a swim at the closest pool, and a play at the nearest playground. Some degree of familiarity will help them settle in once you have moved.

Model Good Behaviour

Even if everything is going wrong, try to remain calm on the outside. Your children will take their cues from you on moving day—if you want calm children, you have to stay calm yourself.

Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff

Part of dealing with kids on moving day involves letting the small things go to focus on the big picture. So, if the kids are doing a few minor things like refusing to eat lunch or playing on the iPad too long, today’s the day to let it go. Focus on the move instead. You can pick up the discipline again once the move has finished.

A Little Bit of Responsibility Goes a Long Way

If you give your kids ownership over a few small tasks, it will keep them busy and help you in a small way. Kids respond well to responsibility and you’ll be pleased with the way they take on the job.

A Babysitter Helps

All these tips make life a little easier but obviously the best case scenario would be to find a babysitter. If a friend or family member offers to look after the kids for even a portion of moving day, you should jump at the chance. You’ll get a lot more done and your kids will probably thank you for it.

Our thanks to Kent Removals & Storage for this article