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By September 5, 2018 No Comments

Why do the Best Offers generally come early?

The buyers are ready to buy, the property has all the features they are looking for; the number of bedrooms; living spaces are perfect; the kitchen is ideal, and outside is great – it feels like the perfect home.  Occasionally, a buyer matches a property to perfection.  The buyer can see themselves living in this home!  There is an instant and strong emotional connection.  These buyers are referred to as “The Heart Buyer”.

“Heart Buyers” are seen early in marketing campaigns, and they are looking for a specific property.  They may have been looking for a long time, or they may not be looking to buy at all, but this house just calls to them.

They are constantly searching the internet for the right home, they get every new listing alert, they drive around looking for new signs, and when the perfect property comes on the market, they move to purchase quickly.   The “Heart Buyer” will generally make a fair or above market offer on the home.

Often we hear of home sellers who reject these early offers only to sell at a much lower price later on.  Why?

Early offers are generally rejected by the home seller, as they have been lead to believe by friends, family and inexperienced agents, that as it is such early days in the marketing, they should wait and see if they can get an even better price.  The longer a property sits on the market, the less likely it is going to achieve an above market price.  We see home sellers who rejected early offers accept much less later on.

Remember, best offers generally come early!